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Bay Payee FMS

Empowering individuals to creatively build confidence in achieving their financial goals with the help of Bay Payee financial management services. Participants at Bay Payee have complete control over the supports and services outlined in their Individual Program Plan (IPP). We understand the significance of self-determination and are committed to assisting individuals in building the life they want, all while receiving the services they need, on their terms.

If you have any questions or require assistance regarding self-determination programs, please reach out to us. 

"Our mission is to ensure your financial health and overall well-being"

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SDP Bill-Pay Services

Participants payments that are made via physical check, True-link, or one-time Visa card, depending on the provider's preferences and policies.

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SDP Goods and Services Purchasing

All participant purchases which satisfy and IPP goal and include spending plans to buy services or products online from major retailer such as Amazon, CVS, Walmart, Target etc.  

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