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Bay Payee-FMS
Self-Determination Programs

We at Bay Payee empower individuals to achieve financial success and peace of mind for people who choose self-determination through expert a financial management support system.

Our Mission

Bay Payee provider supports California's Self-Determination Program (SDP) for individuals to choose their regional center resources and to pay for their services they require. With emphasis on the power of choice and a supportive team, one of the integral parts of the program includes selecting a Bay Payee FMS provider. We work with SDP participants to pay for approved services and take control over the services and execute support for the participant's needs. 

Woman in Wheelchair in Greenhouse
Holding Hands

At Bay Payee, we stand by our mission to facilitate an environment where individuals can exercise control over their approved services, monitor expenditures, and stay within their spending-plan limits. We are your partners in self-determination program (SDP), committed to helping you achieve the life you desire.

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Discover how Bay Payee can support you on your journey to self-determination program.

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